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An Earnest Approach

Employment-Based Immigration

Many businesses require the employment of non-American workers for temporary and permanent help. Known as "business immigration", or "employment-based immigration", this path can be a long and tedious process, with many complexities and complications. It is of paramount importance to have a highly skilled, experienced immigration attorney working with you to provide guidance through this process. We at Cataliotti Law P.C. regularly advise start-ups, as well as established organizations regarding visa sponsorship of non-U.S. or foreign employees, helping them to navigate the alphabet soup that is immigration: whether a B, or an E, an F or an H, an I or a J, an L or an M, an O or a P, or a Q or an R visa for temporary workers, or an EB-1A, EB-1B, EB-1C, EB-2 NIW, or EB-5 for permanent residents, we will discuss the relevant and applicable options with you in order to best position you and/or your staff for success.

Likewise, we regularly advise individuals and entities seeking to leave the United States to enter other countries. With a vast network of trusted colleagues and professionals worldwide, we serve as intermediaries on behalf of American clientele looking to expand their operations beyond the U.S. borders.

Family-Based Immigration

The importance of reuniting citizens and green card holders with their families from abroad cannot be overstated. We at Cataliotti Law P.C. assist U.S. citizens and permanent residents, as well as non-immigrants, with bringing their family members to the United States, utilizing the most sound strategy and methods available for any particular situation.

Whether a brother or sister sponsoring a sibling, a husband attempting to bring his partner into the U.S., a mother or father seeking to bring their child(ren) into the U.S. to join them, or even a relative wishing to see their family temporarily, perhaps to compete in an athletic tournament, perform on stage, or any other basis--we provide the careful planning necessary to realize those goals.