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Client Testimonials

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“I started working with Michael and his team on the O1 visa. From day one, the communication was excellent. Michael and his team were super responsive, explaining all the details to me very patiently and deliberately. From reference letters to document collection, Michael and his team were nearby when I needed them. My application process went smoothly, and I am glad I chose to work with them. I highly recommend them for entrepreneurs, and founders who want to continue their journey in the US!”

Posted by Seymur Rasulov
July 11, 2022
Nicely Done !!

I met Michael during the third year of my PhD training at Columbia University in New York, NY. I had recently been elected to represent graduate students in the Engineering School and one of my initiatives was to provide missing resources to our international student population. We had a large portion of students interested in immigrating to work in the US or starting their own businesses in the US after graduation, but our offices could only help with issues regarding their status as students. At this time, Michael was hosting free consultations and I reached out to him when I saw his flyer. We met for coffee to discuss his experiences with clients similar to our demographic and agreed to host a Q&A session on campus. This first session would become one of many very popular events we would host together. At least once every semester, Michael would answer questions and often provide follow-up advice to a group of 30+ graduate students from the Engineering School and eventually other colleges that found out about the events. Our attendees always found the events very helpful and had nothing but positive feedback. Michael was able to thoroughly answer questions spanning an impressive range of topics and his deep understanding of immigration law was apparent. He was also very diligent when handling some of our student’s sensitive issues and would often stay after the event to speak with students privately. When I moved to Boston, MA to pursue my postdoctoral training, I joined the Harvard Medical School Postdoc Association and found we again lacked great resources for business immigration and even some basic visa advice. Michael traveled to our campus for an in-person session that was well attended by 30+ postdocs and received excellent feedback. We had plans to organize more of these events but moved to a virtual platform due to the COVID outbreak. Thus far, Michael has held these virtual Q&A sessions with us 2-3 times per year for almost 3 years. These events have been so well received by our constituents that we received event requests from other postdoc associations, and, thanks to the online platform, Michael has been providing advice to postdocs affiliated with over a dozen academic institutions and research hospitals. I was impressed with how well Michael transitioned to an online format and he has effectively provided advice to groups of 40+ postdocs at a time during our 2-hour sessions. I very much look forward to continuing my collaboration with Michael. He provides a much-needed resource to some of our country’s top budding scientists and entrepreneurs. In addition to his professional excellence, I can attest that Michael is also a lovely person to work with. He genuinely cares for each of his clients and I admire his transparency in a field that can often be manipulated. I believe the free service he has provided for my friends and colleagues over the last 7 years also speaks volumes to his character.

Posted by Emily Moore
October 14, 2022
Very Lucky!

I’ve known Michael for years and have always admired his work ethic and reputation. So, it was easy to commit to working together on my O1 application. Everything from selecting an appropriate visa type to submitting my application was done professionally - something you expect by default from any reasonably priced immigration lawyer. What makes Michael really stand out is his willingness to go above and beyond when things don’t go according to plan. Even though we did provide all the required documentation with the O1 petition, the reviewing officer rejected our application twice. As someone who had been expecting his visa for quite some time, I was devastated and almost gave up. Not only did Michael boost my morale when I needed this the most, he changed our approach twice to ensure we got approval. I enthusiastically recommend Michael and his team to anyone seeking help with immigration. I’m lucky and privileged to work with Michael and call him my friend 🙂

Konstantin R.
October 12, 2022
Very Lucky!

“We were very lucky to be recommended to Michael and his firm. Michael did a fantastic job from day one and I personally was very pleased with everything. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with immigration matters. Specifically, Michael is very knowledgeable about immigration law. We began working together just before COVID hit, and then, because of COVID, while we were initially pursuing an E-2 and going through the process, it became readily apparent that it would be best to shift the focus to a different visa classification that would give us more immediate value. So, after careful review and evaluation, we shifted from an E-2 to an O-1. This would allow for a more immediate response – considering the delays with E-2 visas processing – and also allow me to work for my multiple entities, which was something I absolutely needed. So, after preparing the petition, we received a request for evidence clarifying the nature of the work, specifically, how I qualified as a creative worker, or an “artist” of extraordinary ability. We strategized further, drafted a clear letter in response, and the petition was approved. Michael guided me through the process and its quirks, explained my options clearly and gave me detailed advice, backed up with experience, that made me comfortable along the process for the petition and visa. Michael and his team worked tirelessly on getting everything ready. He always responded quickly to my questions, turned around documents very fast and kept me very well informed of progress throughout the entire process. Working with Michael and his team was just a pleasure from the very beginning – they were friendly, supportive, and always took the time to talk, making me feel like I was his most important client. All in all, truly a fantastic experience! Since 2020, when we first engaged with Michael, we have appreciated his commitment to our case, responsiveness and in-depth knowledge of immigration law and processes, and the changing immigration landscape. I also appreciated the continuity of having Michael retain our case throughout our multi-year process and the great working relationship we developed. For all his hard work, I would like to thank Michael Cataliotti for everything he has done for me and the company on this journey to obtain our petition approval.

Posted by Cristian Lorand Papa Aved
September 28, 2022
Business visa for professional athlete

“I’m Denis Vasilev, Multiple World Champion in Kettlebell Sport. I received an honored job offer as a Master Coach at Orange Kettlebell Club, CA, USA. Michael was recommended to me as an expert immigration attorney. And indeed, he is! My goal was to attend the Kettlebell Sport World championship in 2017 with my new Visa, we had about four months to get it done. Michael analyzed my resume and recommended the right type of business visa for me (O-1) and helped me to organize my paperwork and file the documents. Michael started to work on it right away. I felt no stress working with Michael because he is always clear and on time. Michael answered all my questions right away. You can feel his caring and professionalism throughout the whole process. I received my visa right on time and was able to attend and win the world championship in 2017!! In 2019 Michael helped me extend my visa. In 2022, Michael helped me extend my work permit for another three years. In April of 2022 I was approved for my Green Card! And right now I am at the final phase of Adjustment of Status for me and my wife. All those procedures went smooth and on time regardless of the tough pandemic times (COVID), thanks to Michael’s professionalism. I can’t be grateful enough for his great work! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him”

Posted by Denis Vasilev
September 26, 2022
Michael was referred to me by my investors.

Michael was referred to me by my investors. They had positive experiences with Michael for their portfolio companies' founders in the past, and recommended I connect with him to discuss my options, particularly, the O-1 visa. I applied for an O-1 visa at the end of 2021 when the geopolitical situation was already tense. After several calls, numerous e-mails, and thorough communication, Michael put together a customized roadmap for my case. We started the paperwork, and within 2 weeks of giving him the information for my Recommenders, the documents and letters of recommendation were prepared. Michael and his team then proceeded to prepare the next set of paperwork, forming the application. We chose premium processing; I paid the fee and we sent the application. Despite my interviews and achievements, Immigration sent us a request for clarification, asking for all of the information anew. They questioned every aspect of my qualifications! Many thanks to Michael’s team for the quick response and help in forming the clarifications, we addressed all of Immigration's issues, reassured them of my qualifications, and in the end, the application was approved. I am now preparing to go to the consulate to get a visa for me and my family. I would like to thank Michael and his team for their professional handling of my case and supporting me every step of the way with my petition. Even though he had issues throughout 2022—as we all did—he would always respond to my messages and talk with me, checking in—not just about the petition, but simply to see how I was doing—when the geopolitical situation erupted and after.

Posted by Michael Inishev
September 25, 2022
Amazing experience!

" I'm an executive in a software development company. When we decided to move our employees from Europe to the United States we saw the questions with visas as the most challenging. Thanks to one of our investors we were referred to Michael. Working with them was one of our best decisions. It was really comfortable: Michael is always supportive and ready to help. He makes the whole procedure completely clear. From the beginning you can see the process step by step, know where you can come across some issues and, what is most important, how you will solve these possible issues together with Michael. Now, to move some talented person to the company from another part of the world is not a frightening task for us anymore. "

Posted by Tatiana K.
September 11, 2022
The BEST attorney! Amazing experience!

" I'm a musician and Michael was my attorney who got involved with the whole process of getting my O1 visa. The whole procedure ran smoothly from the beginning till the end. Michael was very helpful with all and with whatever question I had he was there to help and respond back immediately. I would definitely recommend him to everyone and he will be my attorney for my next visa! "

Posted by Theodore
November 23, 2017
Great Experience!

" I would highly recommend Mr. Michael Cataliotti for the purposes of the O visa. He ensured that he extended his full support and advice from the day I contacted him over the phone till the day I got my visa. There were a few setbacks in my process mainly because my employer had questions. They were not supportive, and were unsure of the whole process. Despite all of this, Michael still fought the case with persistence and didn’t hold back when it came to him being proactive about helping me with all my paperwork. He is flexible with meetings and phone calls which makes it great to work with him. The visa process can be pretty challenging because a lot is at stake, my priority in finding a lawyer was to make sure that the lawyer took personal interest in his/her clients and treated the case as if it were his/her and Michael lived up to that expectation! "

Posted by Ashwini
September 14, 2017
Amazing experience working with Michael

" It was a great experience working with Michael. Visa applications can be extremely stressful but Michael worked with me every step of the way to make things easy. During the initial consultation, Michael clearly explained what to expect during the application process and what paperwork was required. He was very meticulous, and was always available to answer any questions or concerns. The entire process was very seamless and the fee structure is transparent. "

Posted by Deepa
September 8, 2017
Outstanding attorney

" I hired Michael as outside counsel to handle immigration work for our company's employees wanting to relocate from Europe to the U.S. as well as general corporate advisory services. Michael is an extremely knowledgeable and diligent attorney who will make himself available to a client at all hours. His quick thinking and deep knowledge of employment based immigration law helped us decide the best course of action, and execute our strategy. I highly recommend Michael!! "

Posted by Miranda Sloan
August 15, 2017
Excellent Service. Made the application process super simple!

" I had been waiting to apply for an O1 for several months. Simply because every immigration attorney I talked to pretty much wanted me to do almost all of the work -- collect proof for the petition and write material content for recommendations. All of this would've taken me several weeks and I simply did not have that kind of time. What appealed to me most about working with Michael, who came highly recommended from a couple of dear friends, was that he spent a lot of time learning about me and my work online. He was able to collect proofs needed for the petition himself and propose material content for recommendations. Each of my recommenders modified the content (obviously) but it was a great start and I was minimally involved. In the entire process I might have spent about two hours, , which is quite unbelievable for filing an O1 petition. Other things that I really liked about working with Michael – he is extremely knowledgeable. He lectures at Columbia and to keep those sets of students engaged, one better be at the top of their game! -- he is exceptionally approachable and responsive. Even after my petition was approved, he was super helpful in answering my gazillion questions about where to go for an interview, documents I need, how to answer certain questions, etc, etc. Lawyers generally charge by the hour. Michael cared more about building a relationship and did not bill me on six minute increments, even though he had no obligation to answer my questions post petition approval. He did a great job at creating my application. My O1 was approved in two days. He is very friendly and pleasant to work with. I usually don't write reviews but I'm so grateful for the amazing service I received for something so important to me, I feel pressured to let everyone know that Michael's awesome and I'd highly recommend him. "

Posted by anonymous
August 15, 2017
Having Michael As My Lawyer Is The Best Decision I've Made

" I highly recommend consulting with and definitely hiring Michael as your attorney. I was amazed by how responsive he has been the whole time for my case. Sometimes I sent him emails late night or on weekends and I didn't expect that he always responded right away. And if he misses your call, he will follow up actively. He always answers your questions and discusses your options with you, even though some questions are personal matters that indirectly relates to your case. As a matter of the fact, even before I hired him, I asked him many other legal questions and he always respond. He's a very patient and warm-hearted lawyer and he's willing to help you out even though you are not his client. Another thing is that Michael's fees are pretty reasonable as I did a comparison before I decided to hire him. When he was working on my case, he always kept me updated with the process and he was in charge of most of the work. I've heard some bad things about otherlawyers from my friends, as they even ask my friends to write materials themselves. Michael, however, always organized everything himself. I've asked him a lot about what I could do, but he almost took care of everything. Moreover, he is a lawyer that who always goes an extra mile to optimize your documents. He has a very avant-garde way of collecting information as he used algorithm and computer science. Michael found something about me that I had no idea about before. What can be more important than having an active lawyer with the omnipotent capabilities of collecting information? "

Posted by Qinling
August 14, 2017
Very helpful and articulate

" Michael was very patient and helpful in my dealings with him. He carefully understood my situation and requirements upfront and then proceeded to guide me along the journey. I would also like to mention that he was extremely honest with me about what he felt was achievable versus not so as to not have us waste time on processes that were irrelevant. "

Posted by Shuvi
August 11, 2017
O1 visa

“Michael is a very patient lawyer and very considerate, more like a friend rather than a lawyer you hired. The best thing about working with Michael is that he will keep communicating with you throughout the process”.

Posted by anonymous
August 4, 2017
A super star lawyer indeed!

" Michael Cataliotti, is in the true sense of the word a lawyer par-excellence! I did approach another lawyer with the same case but to no avail. However, after reviewing my O1B visa case, he was very cooperative, answered all my questions without hesitation and reiterated that there was a great possibility. The journey was rough, but he was always available not only via email and phone, but also in person. Michael, provided us a timeline which we followed successfully. Over the period of making testimonials for the respective referees, we literally became friends rather than having the lawyer -client relationship. He himself completed all the letters and sorted issues raised by the referees and my employers with promptness that I have never seen before. All in all he handled the case with expertise and professionalism. I have no doubt that Michael Cataliotti is a star lawyer! I would recommend anyone pursuing an O1B visa to reach out to him, and experience his excellent services, that I myself was lucky to be a part of. There are only a few lawyers who make you see your case in a positive light and one of them is Michael. I should conclude by saying I have received my O1B visa! Glad to work in the States now, thanks only to the diligent and ‘extra-ordinary’ Mr. Cataliotti. Wishing him all the luck for his future endeavours. "

Posted by Vishal
August 3, 2017
I would highly recommend Michael`s services.

" I highly recommend Michael as he was very easy to work with and responsive to my sometimes never ending questions. I appreciate the professionalism and quality services that I was given. He shared with me all the needed information timely and guided me through the process. Thank you again! "

Posted by Eugene
July 11, 2017